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6.5M Rotorhouse Flanges Shipping Out   (2016/12/2)
KTA 1401 Certificate Released by EnBW   (2014/5/29)
6.90M 6.0MW Tower Flanges shipped   (2014/5/29)
Best New Supplier Award by GE P&W   (2014/5/29)
Exellent Supplier Award by Emerson   (2014/5/29)
OD 7mnet weight 18 ton flanges delivered for 7 MW offshore tower   (2013/4/12)
OD 6,350mmnet weight 18 ton flanges delivered for 5 MW offshore tower   (2011/9/25)
8,000mm Turning Machine started operation   (2011/9/15)
Contract signed for 6300mm Rolling Mill with delivery in April 2012   (2011/7/30)
Procedure started for certification of ISO 17025 of Hengrun Lab   (2011/7/8)

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