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Wind Tower Flanges
Bearing and Gear Blanks
Tube Sheet and Discs
Contour Forgings
Slewing Bearing Forgings
Valve Balls and Forgings
Wind Turbine Main Shafts
Pipe Flanges
Wind Tower Door Jamb
ˇˇRaw Material
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Jiangyin Hengrun Ring Forging Co., Ltd.
181, Zhuhuang Road, Zhutang Industrial Zone,
Jiangyin, Jiangsu 214415, China
Email: info@hengrun-forging.com

Sales ¨CDomestic
Mr. Pan Yugang
Tel: +86-0510-8639 6878
Cell: 159 6152 2318
Email: panyungang@hengrun-forging.com

Sales ¨CExport
Mr. Charles Wu
Tel: +86-0510-8639 6838
Cell: 159 9535 9333 
Email: charleswu@hengrun-forging.com


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